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Can I post an entry before my computer dies

I just finished my first part of the journey…a nearly 12 hour flight from Los Angeles, CA to Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to the fine men and women of Delta Airlines for getting us here safely. In about an hour I will board my next flight to Bangkok, Thailand where I will spend the night, then [...]

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Just finished my location scouting. Here are some photos. We start principal photography tomorrow….  

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So I’m sitting in my living room in Nairobi waiting for my taxi to take me to JKIA airport.  Within about 24 hours I should be landing in Ecuador – the location for film.  Having checked everything about 5 times, I was faced with that awkward period before you leave – the purgatory of travelling [...]

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Happy as a pig in mud

Happy as pigs in mud Sheep, turkeys, donkeys and pigs – I’ve been surrounded today by animals. The first client that we met today was Louisa, she resides in an indigenous culture here and she speaks a language – Mazahua. And there was I just getting used to saying ‘Hola’ and ‘Mucho Gusto’ (nice to [...]

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Team Malawi soon to part

Well Team Malawi is coming to the end of it’s journey, Jon and Lindsey both return home tomorrow and I’ve decided to stay for another week to take in some more of the sights smells and tastes this beautiful country has to offer. I’ve had such an amazing time here and have been witness to [...]

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MicroFlicks Malawi Final Thoughts

As MicroFlicks Malawi concludes it’s amazing trip I wanted to take a moment to highlight the team that made this all possible. First off, our Malawi team was incredible! David Ng’ambi from VisionFund Malawi and Limbani Nsapato from World Vision Malawi were really the ones that made all of this possible.   Limbani, also known [...]

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Sri Lanka

The trip schedule has been finalized so it’s official – I’m off to Sri Lanka on June 2nd. It’ll be rainy season, but what’s life without a little adventure? At the risk of sounding repetitive and inauthentic, thanks so much to VisionFund for this incredibly unique opportunity – truly an honor. I’m super psyched and [...]

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Weaving through life in San Felipe

It takes Carmen three days to weave a medium size hand cloth with flowers and a pretty crochet border. For that, she gets just 25 pesos (just over US $2). Fair enough, she doesn’t work three days solid. She fits it around her three children; getting them ready for school, walking the 30 mins round [...]

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Malawi, last day with Albert

Had a great last day by the lake shooting with Albert. We spent the morning filming Albert telling us his story and Albert really was a natural talking to the camera. After saying our goodbyes we done a last bit of 2nd unit filming, some landscape shots and some sound recordings of the locations we [...]

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Bienvenidos a Mexico

Buenos dias Amigos, Overwhelmed, pretty much sums up the last 36 hours of my time here in Mexico City. My expectations of a “stereotypical” Mexico, aka sombrero and poncho wearing people that make delicious tacos, has been turned upside down and I love it. The city itself feels just like any other western city, yet [...]

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