MicroFlicks is an initiative of VisionFund and World Vision to locate and promote talented filmmakers around the globe and their films focusing on microfinance. These filmmakers will use their skills and travel to interesting and unique locations while bringing microfinance into focus through captivating film.

Global Film Challenge

The MicroFlicks Global Film Challenge is sponsored by VisionFund and World Vision. This contest is seeking five talented filmmakers, and sending them on an all expense paid trip to interesting and unique locations all over the world. Once they’re there, these filmmakers will be tasked to create compelling films showcasing microfinance. When these films are completed, they will be posted online and promoted world wide in the global film challenge.

After all of the popular vote is in, a panel of esteemed judges will review and decide on the final “Microfinance Film of 2013.” All five finalists will receive awards and prizes, with the grand prize winner receiving a pro level film editing suite.


Microfinance provides the economic engine to enable the world’s poorest communities to turn business ideas and opportunities into successful enterprises. ‘Micro’ refers to the relatively small sums needed to provide start-up capital or funding for growth. Microfinance providers work with communities who don’t have access to mainstream financial services. To learn more, visit: www.visionfund.org/1526/microfinance/


VisionFund & World Vision

VisionFund improves the lives of children in the developing world by offering small loans and other financial services to families living in poverty. Their work empowers clients to grow successful businesses, which enable children to grow up with improved health and education. Working in partnership with World Vision, a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation, we are committed to long-term change, which will unlock potential for future generations.

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