Another Day At The Office: Models, Palaces & Couture

Models and Couture Dresses at the Mandalay Palace

Da Tin Tin Nwet and Kin Sapai Wearing Handmade Traditional Myanmar Dresses

My friends back home and I like to joke that everyday on set is, “just another day at the office.”¬†Since we regularly film in unique locations and work with incredible talent, the spectacular almost becomes routine. So far, this trip has been nothing short of incredible. The people and places of Myanmar are like none other on earth.

Yesterday the view from my office was the Royal Palace in Mandalay. The palace was originally built in the mid 1800′s and was the home to King Thibaw, the last king of Myanmar. We spent most of the day filming a fashion shoot with Daw Tin Tin Nwet, our VisionFund client (in the orange dress), and local model Kin Sapai (in the pink dress). Both dresses that the ladies were wearing were hand made by Nwet. Together, the dresses represent nearly a month’s worth of work to stitch the beaded embroidery and to sew the pieces together.

It was amazing to film Nwet’s exquisite, traditional craftwork against the backdrop of the Royal Palace. Not to mention, with talent, wardrobe, and locations like this, it’s impossible to take a bad picture. I can’t wait to go to the Ze Cho Market today with Nwet to film her shopping for her raw materials. Just another day at the office!







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One Response to “Another Day At The Office: Models, Palaces & Couture”

  1. Bonnie
    June 10, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Beautiful. Love the green grass and the purple skies against all of the other colors.