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Chris is an independent film producer who lives in Burbank, California, USA with his wife and newborn son. He will be shooting his MicroFlicks film in Myanmar. His first claim to fame was to be one of the top five finalist in the 2009 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad competition. He owns his own production company and has a soon-to-be released feature film THE APPEARING starring Emily Brooks, Don Swayze and Dean Cain.

Recent blog posts written by Chris

Models and Couture Dresses at the Mandalay Palace

Another Day At The Office: Models, Palaces & Couture

My friends back home and I like to joke that everyday on set is, “just another day at the office.”¬†Since we regularly film in unique locations and work with incredible talent, the spectacular almost becomes routine. So far, this trip has been nothing short of incredible. The people and places of Myanmar are like none [...]

Myanmar Weather Forecast: Hot and Humid

I’ve always enjoyed a little hot and humid weather and it’s a good thing too, that’s all they have in Mandalay, Myanmar during monsoon season. Yesterday, Ketty, my VisionFund rep, and I landed in Myanmar. We were picked up by Saw John and Saw Sah Lae Bwe, our VFI contacts in country. Once we were [...]

Can I post an entry before my computer dies

I just finished my first part of the journey…a nearly 12 hour flight from Los Angeles, CA to Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to the fine men and women of Delta Airlines for getting us here safely. In about an hour I will board my next flight to Bangkok, Thailand where I will spend the night, then [...]

Documentary film about poverty.

Living on One Dollar – Watch for free on Hulu

While I probably shouldn’t be promoting other projects on my blog, I think anyone interested in microfinance or missions work should watch, “Living on One Dollar.” Hulu is currently streaming the documentary for free in celebration of Earth Day. “Living on One Dollar,” is the story of four college students who travel to rural Guatemala [...]

GoPro Hero3 Camera Test HD

Cowboys, Camera Tests, and Kids Making Films

I hope that by now you have seen the video about my dad, that I posted earlier. I would like to introduce you to the other side of my support team: my wife’s family. My father-in-law, John Thomson, is an honest-to-goodness cowboy. My mother-in-law and he have a small ranch on the west side of [...]


Hello Blogosphere:   Wow, what can I say about this opportunity except a HUGE thank you to WorldVision and VisionFund. I am incredibly excited to be one of the five MicroFlicks finalists and am looking forward to competing against some truly great filmmakers from across the globe.   Here’s a picture of my mind being [...]

Chris from Burbank, California, USA

Why would you want to read these words when you could watch Chris’ short film on, “The Hardest Working Blacksmith in America”? Before you learn about Chris, check out an example of his work above. Chris lives with his wife and newborn son in Burbank, California, USA and will be shooting his MicroFlicks film in [...]