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Tara lives in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia and will be shooting her MicroFlicks film in Mexico.

Recent blog posts written by Tara

Happy as a pig in mud

Happy as pigs in mud Sheep, turkeys, donkeys and pigs – I’ve been surrounded today by animals. The first client that we met today was Louisa, she resides in an indigenous culture here and she speaks a language – Mazahua. And there was I just getting used to saying ‘Hola’ and ‘Mucho Gusto’ (nice to [...]

Weaving through life in San Felipe

It takes Carmen three days to weave a medium size hand cloth with flowers and a pretty crochet border. For that, she gets just 25 pesos (just over US $2). Fair enough, she doesn’t work three days solid. She fits it around her three children; getting them ready for school, walking the 30 mins round [...]

Bienvenidos a Mexico

Buenos dias Amigos, Overwhelmed, pretty much sums up the last 36 hours of my time here in Mexico City. My expectations of a “stereotypical” Mexico, aka sombrero and poncho wearing people that make delicious tacos, has been turned upside down and I love it. The city itself feels just like any other western city, yet [...]

The Adventure Begins

Hola Amigos, One more sleep and the adventure begins!!! I am excitedly prepping all my travel gear… yep I am a last minute packer. So excited about flying into the colourful and vibrant Mexico and to savour some delicious Tacos! After a 23 hour flight, I’ll be spending my first few days in Mexico City. [...]

Culture and Community Of Mexico

¡hola Friends An update on pre-trip happenings. It’s crazy to think that in a months time I will be fully immersed in the culture and community of Mexico. This is getting real!!! I have three concepts that I’ve been mulling over. To be honest I’ve found it hard to get past the concept stage and [...]

Mexico here I come

A massive thank you to World Vision and Vision fund for pulling such an opportunity together, and for making us more aware of the needs that are in this hurting world. Can’t wait to tell the untold stories of those in Mexico, and hopefully help in making their future a little brighter. Thankyou to my amazing workplace [...]

Tara from Australia

Wait, hold off, stop! Before you read about Tara, check out an example of Tara’s work above. Tara lives in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia and will be shooting her MicroFlicks film in Mexico. When asked why she is excited to be a finalist with MicroFlicks, she answered, “Firstly WOW! I am stoked to have this opportunity [...]