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Cow Ends

So I’ve arrived stateside after an unbelievable trip and thought I’d share one more post about my last week in Sri Lanka. Sunday we rolled down south to see Sugumaran, a dairy farmer and VisionFund client located in Maskeliya. Maskeliya is a little town located in the southern Central Province tea plantations area. It’s a [...]

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Kandy and the Tooth

After wrapping an amazing shoot in Puttlam on Friday, Saturday was a nice relaxing day off in the town of Kandy. The second Vision Fund client we’ve chosen to profile is located in Maskeliya the southern tea plantation area; Kandy’s on the way. It’s home to the Temple of the Tooth (candy, tooth… there’s a [...]

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The Cashew Queen of Puttlam Village

It’s been a busy and exciting couple of days since my last post and I’ve got lots to share, so let’s catch up where we left off. As I mentioned before, Dianne, Megali and I arrived in rural Puttlam on Wednesday to meet Geetha, the VisionFund client who started her own cashew processing center. After [...]

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Day 1

It was a long but pleasant flight from Chicago with a pit-stop in London, then arrival yesterday afternoon in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s largest city. A cab took me to the Vision Fund office, and after awkwardly opening the taxi’s driver side door (they drive on the ‘wrong side’ here) then quickly playing it off like [...]

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Sri Lanka

The trip schedule has been finalized so it’s official – I’m off to Sri Lanka on June 2nd. It’ll be rainy season, but what’s life without a little adventure? At the risk of sounding repetitive and inauthentic, thanks so much to VisionFund for this incredibly unique opportunity – truly an honor. I’m super psyched and [...]

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Reggie from Urbana, Illinois, USA

Don’t pass up Reggie’s mad stop animation and graphics skills in his latest film, click on the video above before you read below and learn about Reggie. Reggie lives in Urbana, Illinois, USA and will be shooting his MicroFlicks film in Sri Lanka. When asked why he is excited to be a finalist with MicroFlicks, [...]

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