Gone East

on the road

Today was planned as a filming day but things move a bit slower here and unforeseen things happen, alas we made it out to Lake Malawi, just a bit later than originally planned.

We left Lilongwe at about 2.15pm and after a couple of hours we made it to the Lake, it’s huuuuuuge! After dropping our bags off at the hotel we went to meet Albert  a fisherman and small business owner.

This was an informal chat without the cameras to really to get a good sense of his story and to build a really good plan for the next 2-3 days. Albert doesn’t speak English so working through a translator took a little longer to get a ‘vibe’ going between us but we got there and I’m really excited about filming tomorrow.

We start at 8am and will be filming Albert and his crew prepare for a fishing trip at about 10am. Hopefully the weather will be good and we’ll be out on another boat filming the fishing.

There’s a lot of prep and planning to do so that’s it for now. Good night all.


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