Happy as a pig in mud

Happy as pigs in mud

Sheep, turkeys, donkeys and pigs – I’ve been surrounded today by animals.

The first client that we met today was Louisa, she resides in an indigenous culture here and she speaks a language – Mazahua. And there was I just getting used to saying ‘Hola’ and ‘Mucho Gusto’ (nice to meet you), and now I had to learn another language!


Louisa is a sheep farmer. I asked her why she needed to take out a loan, and she said that someone stole her bull and cow a couple of years ago from her farm. I can’t imagine how someone would go about stealing a bull! But apparently it happens.

The other slightly sad thing about meeting Louisa is that her children didn’t want to be filmed. At first I thought it was just because they were shy, until Louisa informed us that it was actually because they didnt want people to see where they live on camera as they feared people would see it and  they would be stolen. Kidnapping isn’t that common in the area, however it has happened in San Felipe and perhaps to someone they knew.  Its a shame the kids have such a fear of this when Mexico has such a great community feel, was strange to have that response from them.

Later that day, we went to Ana Marie’s house to visit some of her pigs. She showed me her VisionFund loan book which showed the payments she had made over the last few months.

Loan book

An hour after we got there, another VisionFund client arrived who was selling pigs. I got to witness three pigs being weighed and I have to say, it was a pretty traumatic experience.

The pig was squealing – as pigs do – and the two men were trying to keep it under control while I was trying dodge the pig that was trying to get free, and at the same time not drop the camera. It was all very intense. But don’t worry, we made a video for you to experience it for yourself. Video: Happy As Pigs In Mud

PigsSo it was all in all an eventful day, and I was again amazed to see the impact that was being made within the community of San Felipe on these few families who had been provided with microfinancing, very cool seeing there little businesses flourishing.


Hasta pronto




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