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Documentary film about poverty.

Living on One Dollar

While I probably shouldn’t be promoting other projects on my blog, I think anyone interested in microfinance or missions work should watch, “Living on One Dollar.” Hulu is currently streaming the documentary for free in celebration of Earth Day.

“Living on One Dollar,” is the story of four college students who travel to rural Guatemala and live on $1/day/each for two months. They made every attempt to live as the locals do; including living in a one room shack, sleeping on the ground, and starting a small radish garden so they could have a crop to sell. Their experience covered the gamut of not being able to work because they were under nourished, to being denied loans from traditional banks, to being welcomed and showered with hospitality by their local neighbors.

I found the film especially fascinating because they explore, first hand, some of the inherent problems with poverty and demonstrate how microloans are changing the self-perpetuating cycle. It is great film for anyone who wants to learn more about microfinance, how poverty work, or wants to be involved in the fight against poverty. Watch the film tonight:

Also, follow Tara and Muchiri to see how VisionFund and WorldVision are working in other Latin American countries.

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