Mexico here I come

Mexico here I come!!! Seriously overwhelmed, such a unique and amazing opportunity, using my passion in film making to promote such a great initiative that is Micro financing.

Mexico Tara

A massive thank you to World Vision and Vision fund for pulling such an opportunity together, and for making us more aware of the needs that are in this hurting world. Can’t wait to tell the untold stories of those in Mexico, and hopefully help in making their future a little brighter. Thankyou to my amazing workplace for allowing me to have time off to make this happen, and  for all the amazing talent who played apart in some way into making the piece I entered ‘Life Of Pete’. For more video’s check out cvcnow ’What is Love’ clip will require tissues (just saying)


Congrats to the other finalist, amazing talent in the films you entered. Exciting to know we are all going through this same experience and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

I will be skyping with my visonfund contact this weekend to work out dates and some story ideas, its great to have someone who has lived in Mexico for two years to work with. Especially since my overseas travel is limited to New Zealand which is amazing, but pretty similar to Australia. Mexico here I come!!!

Till next update adios amigoes











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One Response to “Mexico here I come”

  1. Charlotte Green
    March 6, 2013 at 6:07 am #

    Tara – great to connect with you on a weekly basis about the film. We’re really excited to have you on board, and I’m looking forward to showing you all that Mexico has to offer… and eat! It will be great to see microfinance in Mexico through your eyes – Charlotte (VisionFund Comms Officer)