Sri Lanka

The trip schedule has been finalized so it’s official – I’m off to Sri Lanka on June 2nd. It’ll be rainy season, but what’s life without a little adventure?

At the risk of sounding repetitive and inauthentic, thanks so much to VisionFund for this incredibly unique opportunity – truly an honor. I’m super psyched and admittedly also a tad nervous because I want to do a great job. I have a tremendous amount of respect and affinity for fellow self-employed folks, no matter where in the world they reside. The entrepreneur, the small business owner, the craftsman, the artist, the farmer, the fisherman… Folks of this ilk get up in the morning and are motivated not by a boss, but something else entirely. Call it spirit, calling, or maybe the inspiration that can only be found in the wide eyes of the loved ones counting on us to reel one in… who the hell knows really.  All I can say is this animating essence garners great respect from this humble blog poster. I bow to it, and I hope to capture a glimpse of its chi in my short film.

Surprise, surprise – I know very little about Sri Lanka, but I’m doing my due diligence in preparation for the trip (if anyone knows of good resources on Sri Lanka let me know). I realize that there’s only so much you can learn about a place from a book – the real education happens when you’re on the ground with the people, as I’ve experienced during previous projects in Rwanda and Mozambique. Nevertheless I’ll try my darnedest to prepare at least so as not to foster an ugly-American thing or unwittingly star in my own Borat movie.

So what I’m doing now is researching, preparing, and working on my idea. I’ve been skyping with my VisionFund contact from London, sorting out all the logistics of the trip, figuring out equipment needs, and chatting about the concept for the film. Dianne’s been incredibly helpful and it’s great to know she’ll be helping out in Sri Lanka as well. In a few days I’ll have a conversation with my contact in Sri Lanka in order to delve further into the specifics, so the balls rolling along nicely thus far – but still much work to be done!

Lastly, I had the chance to check out the four other filmmakers – they’re all incredibly legit. I think we were five selected from a pool of like 125, so they’re the cream of the crop and they’ve got the chops. Check out their blog posts if you have time.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to stick around for the ride.

Peace and Love,



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