Team Malawi soon to part

Fishing in Senga Bay

Fishing in Senga Bay

Well Team Malawi is coming to the end of it’s journey, Jon and Lindsey both return home tomorrow and I’ve decided to stay for another week to take in some more of the sights smells and tastes this beautiful country has to offer.

I’ve had such an amazing time here and have been witness to some real magic. Through working on my short for microFlicks and doing some extra filming with World Vision New Zealand I have been privileged to meet some amazing people and I have seen communities working together in such an inspirational way.

World Vision's Patrica talking to the community

World Vision’s Patrica talking to the community

I must thank all the people that have been so hospitable and have helped bring this project to life. Firstly Jon Snyder from Vision Fund who has been my support person since about 2 months before this trip. He has organised everything behind the scenes and brought together a really tight production, he also was indispensable as an all rounder whilst filming, second camera, sound recorder, producer etc.

Jon Snyder, Sound Man.

Jon Snyder, Sound Man.

I must also give big thanks to David Ng’ambi from Vision Fund Malawi who has been the most perfect host, being the driver, translator and 1st AD on set. Limbani was also a great host and helped greatly in the logistics of filming in the small villages and making it all happen smoothly. Lindsey Talerico who has been working for World Vision New Zealand over here who has been part of the team on and off who has kept us smiling and laughing.

So the filming is done. All is left is for me to get busy with the editing to produce a film that honestly tells a story of a hard working man. I hope I can bring it to life and do justice to the people we’ve met and the lives they’ve shared.

Lastly I just want to say how inspiring the projects that Vision Fund and World Vision that I have seen over here are. Through this project I have talked to people at every part of the process and I believe what they are doing is making a real difference in peoples lives. They are progressive projects that seek to leave self sufficient communities thriving without a dependancy on aid or outside help. That gets a thumbs up from me!!!

I look forward to seeing the other film makers work and hearing all about their journeys. Thanks for watching team Malawi in the field I’ll report in every now and then with some editing process. Until then, Pitani bwino : )


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